N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination

An allergy is a hypersensitivity to environmental factors or substances such as pollens, foods, dust, molds and microorganisms in amounts that do not aversely affect most people.

Allergies undermine the immune system and make us more susceptible to colds and illness. Often we crave what we are allergic to and until now the only “cure” was simply abstinence from the allergen.

Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique or N.A.E.T., is a non-invasive, safe, painless allergy elimination system that effectively eliminates allergies. If you follow the N.A.E.T. guidelines, your health will improve. We have seen over a 90% success rate in the elimination of allergies to food, chemicals and the environment.

Chronic Pain
Chronic Illness
Skin Disorders
Digestive Problems
Pet Allergies
Chronic Fatigue


Our son has hyperactivity, extreme mood swings and A.D.H.D. After a few allergy clearings we have noticed improvement in his temperament, he makes more eye contact, and his teachers have commented that he is more focused and attentive in class. As parents we are very pleased with the results.


After being treated with N.A.E.T., I noticed that when I “slip up” and indulge myself with a cookie I am able to stop after just one instead of compulsively eating the whole box!



After we cleared my allergy to grains, my state of mind and energy level dramatically improved. I now have a state of mental clarity that I lost years ago. “I have been walking around in a fog and now I know exactly what I need to do in my life and I clearly understand where I am going in my career!”




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Naturopathy, Kinesiology & Shiatsu 

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Follow up sessions

$125 an hour

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5 one hour sessions $400 (save $125)

5 half hour sessions $250 (Save $125)

10 one hour sessions $950 (save $300)

10 half hour sessions $450 (save $300)


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