Relief from Chronic Pain and Illness

I have never experienced more effective techniques for people who suffer from chronic pain and chronic illnesses than 'Organizational Neurology', a form of Applied Kinesiology that I learned in New Zealand from Jon Burness, a world renowned Kinesiologist.

Organizational neurology brings you back to homeostasis, the body in alignment, through a series of several dozen muscle tests and corrections to bring the body back into balance. Muscle testing techniques are also used to find out what allergies, intolerances and sensitivities you may have that are often overlooked by modern medicine. Dietary changes are often a critical part of improved health.

I have had several cases of what my clients describe as “nothing short of miraculous”.

“You and your treatment are both AMAZING!!! You have saved my life! “You also saved me from a bilateral hip and knee replacement surgery by fixing my leg length discrepancy, an invaluable service. You have saved me from current and future pain and given me peace of mind. I could never put a price on what your treatments are worth to me.

“I had gone two weeks without sleeping. After our last session I was able to sleep that night. Sunday, I took two longs naps, then I slept 8 hours for the first time in 2 months It was incredible! My right shoulder blade feels better than it has in years, I am not having constant pain and that helps me to sleep much better because I don't have to constantly stretch, pop and and adjust my neck and shoulder anymore. I will recommend you to anyone especially people who are in chronic pain, like I WAS." Dane W.

"Before I became a patient of Dr. Kim Moise, I'd given up hope of getting any meaningful help with improving my health. As embarrassing as this is to admit, I'd already been to nearly 30 specialists - 2 gastroenterologists, a neurologist, 2 cardiologists, several holistic MD's, an infectious disease MD, several OMD's as well as acupuncturists and a NUCCA chiropractor. I had a series of mystery issues that no one could diagnose and I was deteriorating. The only reason I was willing to try just one more (Dr. Kim), was a Living Social coupon.

I already had a lot of confidence in applied kinesiology but the few physicians in Los Angeles that practice it charge sky high rates which I couldn't afford. All I can say is that I'm sooooooo glad I made that decision to try Dr. Kim. It has made a major change in my life and a quick return to health.

I don't think many know or understand what applied kinesiology is, but it's a science that essentially let's your body do the talking. Before I visited Dr. Kim, none of the approx 30 physicians/practitioners I visited actually listened to what I was telling them. An xray here or a blood test there (only screening for a few basic things) convinced them that there was "nothing" quantfiable going on and I was essentially abandoned without any answers or meaningful help. Now, however, I'm making fast progress with Dr. Kim who listens to what I say and takes it all into account. He was the first physician that I went to that agreed there was something terribly awry with my health and the first to be able to hone in on the areas of weakness and toxicity.

Ultimately, my problem has turned out to be mercury poisoning from my decades old amalgam fillings. With Dr. Kim's guidance, I've now gone through the replacement of my toxic fillings and have started chelation. He helps me from week to week, using a wide array of tools like applied kinesiology, NAET, meridian work, energy balancing and good old fashioned massage to help my body deal with the symptoms of detox and to navigate the complex biochemical minefield of supplements and herbs.

For anyone out there that's been battling an ongoing "mystery" condition such as chemical sensitivity, immunity issues, inflammation, fatigue, mitral valve prolapse, fibromyalgia, etc and thinks there's no answers, I wholly recommend Dr. Kim for his arsenal of effective tools that help to reveal both the cause of ill health and effective treatments for you as an individual." Danielle S.


Mon Tue Thu Fri 10:00am - 6:00pm


Naturopathy, Kinesiology & Shiatsu 

$100 an hour

$75 for 45 min

$50 for half hour


Nutrient Body Sculpting System


Wed Sat Sun 12 -9

Evenings 7-9


$300 per session (Bring a friend for free)

$1500 for series of 6

$2400 for a series of 12


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