Relief from Chronic Pain and Illness

I moved to New Zealand in 2008 to study Meridian Kinesiology with Jon Burness, a master Kinesiologist. The most powerful techniques I learned he titled "Organizational Neurology" for people who suffer from chronic pain and chronic illnesses. I have never seen more powerful or dramatic results for people living with painful and debilitating chronic conditions.

Through a series of several dozen muscle tests and corrections your body goes back into balance, Organizational neurology brings you back to homeostasis, the body in alignment and in good health. 

Muscle testing techniques are also used to find out what allergies, intolerances and sensitivities you may have that are often overlooked by modern medicine. Dietary changes are often a critical part of improved health. Yoga postures are sometimes prescribed to help further bring the body into alignment.

I have had several cases of what my clients describe as “nothing short of miraculous”. Here are some of their testimonials:


“You and your treatment are both AMAZING!!! You have saved my life! “You also saved me from a bilateral hip and knee replacement surgery by fixing my leg length discrepancy, an invaluable service. You have saved me from current and future pain and given me peace of mind. I could never put a price on what your treatments are worth to me.

“I had gone two weeks without sleeping. After our last session I was able to sleep that night. Sunday, I took two longs naps, then I slept 8 hours for the first time in 2 months it was incredible! My right shoulder blade feels better than it has in years, I am not having constant pain and that helps me to sleep much better because I don't have to constantly stretch, pop and adjust my neck and shoulder anymore. I will recommend you to anyone especially people who are in chronic pain, like I WAS."
--Dane W.


“I had so much pain in my leg that I asked my doctors if they could amputate it. I went to several doctors over the course of two years and not one of them gave my any substantial or lasting relief. Dr. Kim is a miracle worker. I saw him half a dozen times and over the course of two months and I became pain free! I am now married and have two children and I do not believe I could have done any of that without his help Dr. Kim you are my savior.
--Jules B.



“I drive a lot for my work and wear inserts in my shoes. I had chronic fatigue, leg spasms and muscle pain that was undermining my work and my quality of life. Dr. Kim said he could help me and started by realigning my leg lengths. He then told me to stop wearing the inserts in my shoes but I was very skeptical. Without them, I was afraid I would go back to feeling even worse. But I trusted him and he was right. I threw away my inserts and am so much better off now due to his help and expertise. Thank you for changing my life for the better.
--Marcus B.



For anyone out there that's been battling an ongoing "mystery" condition such as chemical sensitivity, immunity issues, inflammation, fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. and thinks there's no answers, I wholly recommend Dr. Kim for his arsenal of effective tools that help to reveal both the cause of ill health and effective treatments for you as an individual."
--Robert T.



Mon Tue Thu Fri 10:00am - 6:00pm


Naturopathy, Kinesiology & Shiatsu 

$150 1st session

Follow up sessions

$125 an hour

$75 half hour


5 one hour sessions $400 (save $125)

5 half hour sessions $250 (Save $125)

10 one hour sessions $950 (save $300)

10 half hour sessions $450 (save $300)


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