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Providing simple and effective ways to improve your health, beauty, and longevity. We will provide you with a wealth of products, and simple things you can do to help slow the aging process, including increasing your antioxidant levels. 

What is the main cause of degenerative disease? Why do some people age better than others? Other than our genetics (which we have no control over) all research points to FREE RADICALS. Free radicals are unstable molecules that have a destructive nature. Free radicals damage our organs, tissues, cells, and even our DNA. 

Everyday we are bombarded with free radicals from pollution, diet, junk food, stress, UV rays and even exercise. Every cell in our body gets over 60 trillion 'hits' of free radicals daily. So, how can we protect ourselves from the daily onslaught and the destructive nature of free radicals? ANTIOXIDANTS.  

Antioxidants are powerful molecules that can literally neutralize the ravaging effects of free radicals. Antioxidants can 'gobble' up free radicals and safely escort them out of your body before they do any damage. In the last 30 years there have been over 30,000 studies and over 800,000 research papers proving the importance and crucial need for antioxidants, our only protection from Free Radicals.


Smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, rejuvenate your complexion, revitalize your scalp, and renovate your body with the patented ageLOC Galvanic Spa System II.

The Nu Skin Galvanic Spa consits of a device with four interchangeable conductors: the ageLOC face conductor, Spot treatment conductor for concentrated treatment to specific areas, a scalp conductor and a body conductor. Also included are two specially formulated gels with ageLOC. What exactly is ageLOc? Let’s just call it a revolutionary blend of ingredients that target the source of aging in skin and stop it, a little bit like a super-hero don’t you think? :D While the current stimulates cell rejuvenation in your face, body and scalp,the gels help eliminate toxins and impurities from your skin and minimize your pores and allow them to breathe.


Before the actual process, remember to wash your face and dry it. Also, let your hands be moist. Next comes the Pre-treatment step. Apply the gel and use your face conductor on it. During this step, the spa instrument and the the pre-treatment gel are negatively charged. The negative charges repel each other and drive the pre-treatment gel into the skin.

Next comes the treatment step. Apply the treatment gel and follow the same process. This time, the galvanic spa instrument and the treatment gel are positively charged. Again, they repel each other and drive the gel into the skin.

Wash your face when the gel dries, and look into the mirror…instant younger, healthy looking skin!

The pre treatment gel containining Marigold, sea kelp and vanilla extracts delivers some much needed nutrients to your parched skin, soothing it and getting rid of stress. The treatment gel contains magnesium which promotoes cellular energy, Arginine which helps skin recover from stress, Aspartate which balances your skin’s pH and Tocopheryl nicotinate, a form of vitamin E, which helps moisturize, condition and provide antioxidant protection.



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